Happy customers


A few of our satisfied customers…

Thomas P., delivery man in London

“When I’m delivering to a block of flats, I often leave my bike outside. I work against the clock all the time. I don’t take the time to lock up my bike at each drop. With Recobike, I know that if it gets stolen, I stand a better chance of getting it back.

I’m speaking from experience here! My bike was stolen outside my delivery point one day. The very next day, I got a call from the Recobike Anti-theft Centre. My bike had been found and the person had called the number on the security tag. As I was registered as the owner of the bike in the Recobike database, they were able to contact me. I got my bike back that same day.

Lance-Sergeant, Paris

« Bicycle theft is a widespread problem, although we also find plenty of bikes too. But if the owner can’t be identified, we can’t return it. This year, a family of tourists were able to recover their bikes because they had security tags. We contacted the Recobike Anti-Theft Centre who gave us the owner’s contact details and we arranged for them to come and collect all three bikes.»

Laura M., mother of 3 children, Paris

«  We leave five bicycles at our house in the country in the South-West of France so that we can use them in the holidays.” Since we have had them security marked by Recobike, we are less anxious about leaving them. On www.recobike.com we have a single account for all five bikes. Recobike is really simple to use

Mickaël J., keen cyclist, Nantes

« I’m a keen cyclist and also cycle to work. I’ve been doing so for three years now. I trust Recobike to keep my bike safe. »