Recobike services

Register your bike in the Recobike database

  1. ordiCreate your account with and fill in your details to be able to recover your bike if it is stolen
  2. ordinateur-femmeThen record a description of your bike and enter the identification number on its security tag.

It’s easy to protect several bikes. You only need one account for the whole family. Just enter all the identification numbers and the description of each bike. Ideal for families, hire centres or clubs.

  • One account for several bikes
  • One login
  • Easy to manage


If you part with your bike, its identification is simply transferred to the new owner. You just need to delete it from your account. If the new owner wishes to use Recobike’s services, he or she can set up an account and register the bike with us again.

Recovering your bike

Security marking is one thing, but it has to be backed up by an effective recovery system.

  1. If your bike is stolen, declare the theft in your owner account at The online service is available 24/7. Make sure you also inform the police and your insurance company.
  2. Police services or anyone who finds your bike can call the number on the security tag or go to
  3. The Recobike Anti-theft Centre will put you in touch with the relevant services to organise the recovery of your property.

What are the advantages of the Recobike service ?