Recobike security marking

How can you protect your bike ?


Get it marked by Recobike !

It’s very simple :

  • Go to a certified Recobike centre to get your bike marked.
  • In just a few minutes, your bike will be security marked with a high performance resin. With this technique, the anti-theft tag is chemically bonded to your cycle frame.


Three levels of patented technology

1. Security insert

Our state-of-the-art marking system includes a security insert which holds all the information you need to recover your bike :

  • the bike’s identification number,
  • Recobike contact details (


2. Chemical bonding

The mark is chemically bonded to the cycle frame with a high performance resin injection.


This tamper-proof technology provides permanent protection. Unlike other identification systems, once the security marking has been chemically bonded, it cannot be removed. It resists abrasion, chemicals and any other form of vandalism. If someone attempts to destroy the making, the insert will remain intact.


3. UV technology

The marker will use a chemical solution that is visible in ultra-violet light. Police services often use UV lamps. They detect traces of the chemical on a stolen bicycle.


*It is impossible to remove the tag without leaving traces of tampering and causing severe damage to the bicycle.