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All you ever needed to know about security marking

The tag doesn’t actually prevent the bike from being stolen, but it is a strong deterrent. A thief is not interested in a bicycle that can be traced back to its owner, because it will be difficult to sell on. The security tag makes it easy to recover the bike if it does get stolen. If someone finds a bike with a security tag, the Recobike Anti-Theft Centre can ensure it is returned to its owner.

YES. Our R&D engineers have tested the Recobike marking on all frames (steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon). The Recobike patented security marking system is suitable for all bicycles.

NO. The patented bonding technique we use to mark bicycles is designed to resist the elements. It can also resist vandalism. The anti-theft marking is chemically bonded to the cycle frame with a high performance resin injection so the tag is permanent.

YES. Just go to www.recobike.com and delete the bike from your account. If the new owner wishes to use our service, he or she can open an account and register the bike in his or her name. The Recobike anti-theft marking is an excellent selling point.

More about Recobike services

Yes, just go to www.recobike.com.

You only need one account for the whole family. Just enter all the identification numbers and the description of each bike.

Any cycle owner may use the Recobike security marking system :

YES. The Recobike network covers 18 countries across Europe. Anyone who finds your bicycle can register an alert via www.recobike.com. The Recobike Anti-Theft Centre will ensure it is returned to you. And of course, you can access your online account from anywhere in the world.

All you need to know about data protectio

YES. We will keep your personal details safe and will not sell them under any circumstances. Under the French data protection act, you may access your data on request.

YES. The database entry is free to anyone who has a Recobike security tag. Our services include :

Open an account on www recobike.com and register your bike’s details, i.e. description and identification number.  It only takes a few minutes.

NO. You don’t need to register the change of ownership. Just go to www.recobike.com and delete the bike from your account. The new owner can open an account with us and register the bike in their name.

All you need to know about recovering your bicycle if it is stolen

  1. If your bike is stolen, declare the theft in your owner account at www.recobike.com.
  2. Police services or anyone who finds your bike can call the number on the security tag or register an alert on www.recobike.com.
  3. The Recobike Anti-theft Centre will put you in touch with the relevant services to organise the recovery of your property.