RECOBIKE patented system: an effective theft deterrent

Thanks to our patented state-of-the-art marking system, Recobike is the most effective bicycle anti-theft system you can find today.


Why mark your bicycle?

Bicycle theft has increased in the last few years.

According to the latest IFRESI-CNRS-Altermodal survey, some 400,000 bicycles are stolen in France each year. Nearly 40% are found, having only been “borrowed” for a short time. Unfortunately though, only 2% are returned to their owners.

Why is that? Quite simply because police services have no way of knowing who owns the bicycle.


Recobike is an effective anti-theft system.

The only way to recover your stolen bicycle is to be able to prove that you are the owner. The new patented Recobike anti-theft marking system guarantees that your bicycle can be traced back to you. Recobike increases your chances of recovering your bicycle to over 40%.


  • How does it work ?

Your bicycle is security marked and registered in our database. Should your bicycle be stolen and later found by the police, Recobike can prove you are the rightful owner and ensure your property is returned to you.


Recobike is a three-step service:

  • patented security marking*
  • centralised registration
  • a recovery service


  • Who can use the Recobike service ?

Our service applies to anyone who owns a bike :

  • individuals, families
  • sports clubs or cycling clubs
  • sports teams and cycling federations
  • Companies such as cycle hire firms